Calamarie Orange Peel & Seed Bracelet - Natural/Dark Green Rose

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Discarded orange peels make these beautiful pieces of wearable art! The material is sourced from street juice vendors and is thoroughly cleaned before undergoing a seven-day drying, shaping and dyeing process that results in beautiful roses, lotus flowers, and knots. These elements are combined with hand-polished seeds such as bombona (vegetable ivory spheres), camajuro, acai & chirilla, as well as a sprinkling of freshwater pearls, to create elegant and lightweight necklaces, bracelets, and earrings. The clasps are made of cañamo, a strong natural fiber. Pieces may be coated with a light layer of resin for a lovely shine and to help them remain water resistant, or left in their natural dried state, allowing them to retain their beautiful aroma (jewelry + perfume!).  The handcrafted nature of these pieces results in subtle variations from piece to piece, ensuring that each piece is truly a unique work of art.

Handmade.  Adjustable length.

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